In today's marketplace, the competitive talent trends make it crucial to have an effective way to attract as many applicants to your open positions as possible. 


Anyone Can Write a Good Ad, Right?


Recruitment Ads are marketing pieces.  They are used to attract people to consider working for you.  Our team takes your job description and creates an engaging ad selling candidates on the position.  Don't worry, you won't have to use the ad to tell people what you don't want.  Read on!

Applicant Screening

We also determine what minimum characteristics you desire in an employee and create questions  to be included in each on-line application. This help us quickly focus on the best candidates.   We weight each of the applicants' answers so when we get tons of candidates, we can quickly see who might be the best fit for the position and review them first so the good ones don't get away.

Benchmarking the Job

Whether we use our Devine Sales Assessment or our TTI Behavioral Assessments, we believe in comparing candidates to a specific job benchmark.  Our team reviews the job description, and creates Key Accountabilities for the position, those 5 things if done well would mean you would forgive them for all other things they did or did not do.  We then use a tool to create the job benchmark which we use to ensure candidates meet the requirements of the job and creates behavioral interview questions we use to screen candidates and you can use for the final interview.


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