SevenStar HR's EffectiveHiring® Story


EffectiveHiring® was born out of a need for small businesses.  Our founder, Jackie Gernaey has coached small businesses over 10,000 hours throughout the last 18+ years.  What she saw was the need for an effective and cost conscious system to help businesses recruit and retain great employees.  Many business owners are great at what they do but when in need of an employee they hire too fast and often based on their gut feel.  Since studies show the "gut" is only 14% accurate in  predicting a candidate's success in a position, she determined there must be a better way.

For the last 10 years EffectiveHiring® has been that better way. The process use's the best of breed in each area of the hiring process.  From development of the ad to assessment of candidates, We can assure if a candidate wants to work, they will be a fit for your organization.

 In 2017 the EffectiveHiring® group joined with SevenStar HR to provide the best hiring process to their customers.  We now not only offer the best in recruiting but also are part of a full-service HR company offering businesses of all sizes a solution to their HR issues.  Learn more at

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