The ability to put the right person in the right role at the right time helps an organization maximize opportunity and drive growth.

A well-managed talent assessment program enables you to quickly and objectively identify best fit candidates for the job.


Applicant Assessments

Our Applicant Assessments easily identify candidates best suited for the role, company and culture by assessing them to identify what you can't see in any job interview.

We start by using intellegence testing focused on how quickly candidates can learn.  It's the most important thing in this changing world. Hiring for skills today does not help you tomorrow.

Behavioral Assessments

Most businesses hire for skills and fire for attitude. We help that not happen by assessing the candidates Behaviors, what Motivates them and the personal attributes they need get along and succeed with the people in your work environment.

If you are looking to hire a sales person, we go a step further looking at the behaviors needed for the type of sales person you are hiring : Consultative Sales, Unique Value Sales, Commodity Sales or Account Sales.

Expertise Assessments or Hard Skills

Want to know if your candidate can multi-task? Need to know if they can program or do bookkeeping? We understand, and test, the things that make people successful in your work environment. We show you if individuals have the technical skills for a particular role or whether they would need lots of on-the-job training.

Back Ground Checking

Background checking is a crucial part of the pre-employment process; negligent hiring can result in loss of earnings, low productivity, and even put you and your company at risk. EffectiveHiring® offers a full range of background checks to protect your business, ensuring you make the right decisions. Maximize your potential to find the right candidate for the right job with one of our comprehensive background check packages now! If you need a candidate authorization form, click here.


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