All Applicants in One Place

Our Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is tied to thousands of paid and unpaid job boards and allows us to post in many different locations. Through our ATS you only will have to review candidates in one location to select your short list. It also allows any EEO reporting to be done easily.

Time Saving Applicant Review

We work with you to develop screening questions with weighted answers so you can sort candidates and quickly focus on those with the highest score saving you the time of having to review each applicant’s resume.

Easy Posting Process

Posting is easily done through the ATS. All ads are kept in editable  templates so locating previous ads is a snap.  You select the template, add a few details choose the weighted screening questions and with the push of a button they are posted to the job boards selected.

Reporting is Easy

Need to provide EEO reports or any other report?  We can do it for you.  Need a custom report created?  We can provide you what ever you need.


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Time and effort saving applicant review using custom weighted questions...

Easy-to-use new job posting process using customized templates...

A multitude of critical reports such as "Source of Applicants"

Thousands of job boards searchable by location or key terms...


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