Expertise and Technology is what Makes Us Indispensable Resulting in the Perfect Employee for You


Three Hiring Options

It’s Up to Your Budget and Your Time!

  • Want a guarantee of a successful hire? Choose our all inclusive Flat Fee option:

  • Have multiple people to hire? Choose one of our Hiring Consulting Options:

    • We guarantee the hours we will spend on hiring for you

    • Includes nearly all our tools

  • Have a small budget and more time? Choose From our A-La-Carte hiring program Tools Some of Which are:

    • Applicant Tracking System

      Branded and unbranded systems that increase the number of applicants, manage the hiring process, improve the ease of communication with applicants and make reporting easy

    • Job Benchmarking and Applicant Assessment

      Allows comparison of applicants, looking at their behaviors, motivators, soft skills and intelligence (how quickly the applicants can learn)

    • EffectiveHiring® HR Onboarding Tool

      Reduces time needed to onboard, allows for electronic collection of signatures and file storage using your own customized forms and workflow process

EffectiveHiring® has delivered recruitment and talent management innovations with proven results for over a decade, combining years of hiring experience with our proprietary hiring process.

This includes best-of-breed technologies like our Applicant Tracking System and our JobFiller programmatic ad placement system… taking recruitment to a new level.

Key Benefits

  • Easy Process: Manage hiring in less time, with less effort and less confusion

  • More Choice: Increase number of applicants

  • Better Choice: Pre-qualified and assessed candidates

  • Quicker Hires: Streamlined process leverages technology and recruiting expertise for a faster, better hire

  • Great Results: Final candidate is your ideal person for the position

  • Costs: Based on your needs - do some of the work yourself or have us do all of the work