What They're Saying About EffectiveHiring®...

I was having a heck of a time finding the right kind of sales person to sell sophisticated payroll companies. After several frustrating and frankly, expensive failures, I leveraged SevenStar HR’s EffectiveHiring process. I liked I could use just the pieces I needed. They found a great person who has become an integral part of growing revenues and our relationships in the market.
— Todd Bellistri, August Benefits

My business is never the same. Everyday brings new challenges with very demanding, growing clients. This means I need very talented and not easy to find employees. EffectiveHiring really fit the bill for me. I get an HR Consultant to help me hire and don’t have to either do it myself or pay high-cost recruiters!
— Mike Gusman, Artisan Stoneworks

EffectiveHiring is great. The quality of candidates is far superior to that received on the previous platforms I used. I will be reaching out when time to renew ads.
— Brad Williams, the Alternative Board

We have use EffectiveHiring for many years. We are in Manufacturing and it is tough to find skilled labor. We keep ads open year-round and have found some great people.
— Reto Hug, Maloya Laser
Using SevenStar HR applicant tracking system has helped our hiring team stay organized and efficient in our hiring process. We like that it makes finding and managing our applicants simple and easy throughout our hiring process along with having a awesome staff to work with any time we need to make changes or ask any questions. We enjoy working with you guys!
— Krista Hunt, Floorplan Xpress