Are you thinking unconventionally to erase talent shortages?


With an estimated 7.8 million jobs to be filled between now and 2020, you need to be looking at non-traditional hiring methods. Research confirms companies are exploring a host of options to overcome the talent shortage we’re currently experiencing. A recent Society for Human Resource Management pool of employers found more organizations are considering changing their hiring and recruitment practices. They are casting a wider net by focusing more attention on contingent labor, retirees and other non-traditional workers

Your hiring procedures may still be working or working marginally but you may be compromising your future by not adapting to new trends quickly enough.

Three important factors :

  1. Relevance. Is the shift to inclusive recruitment right for your workforce needs in your organization? Do personality and experience contribute to performance or are they largely irrelevant? If the latter, stop the background checks and detailed experience screenings.

  2. Status Quo.  If you are still writing ads that state “If you don’t have this or that don’t bother to apply” or take days to respond to applicants, you are going to lose in this hiring economy.

  3. Expediency. Recruiting in this market becomes a 24-hour Job. If you are trying to do your job effectively and hire simultaneously, you are going to lose out.

If you are trying to do things the way they have worked in the past, consider looking at some new alternatives. We can help; call us now for assistance: (877) 923-0054