Should I Use a Recruiter to Hire?

Photo by   from   Pexels

Photo by from Pexels

Business owners often ask “Should I hire a recruiter? I’m having trouble getting candidates. How do I know if someone is a good recruiter?

At EffectiveHiring, we have a non-traditional recruiting method but we hire people who were recruiters. These are the things we look for when we bring them on and what you might look for if you are engaging them.

  1. Are they natural connectors of people who can instantly build rapport? If they built rapport with you instantly, that’s a good sign.

  2. Can they speak the truth in a way which people will readily accept? Bad recruiters will waste time telling hiring managers what they want to hear believing this leads to higher customer satisfaction.

  3. Can they make it happen regardless of the limited tools, resources and time given? Recruiters face constant rejection so having the trait of not being a victim is critical to success. What you don’t want are excuses.

  4. They must be a closer. The best recruiters I’ve worked with don’t have a filter when it comes to asking every single question about information that doesn’t line up perfectly. How you address these questions Is how you properly choose the candidate. Offers fall apart at the end when questions were left unasked at the beginning.

  5. A great recruiter has consultative skills and is able to become a valued member of the hiring manager’s inner circle. If a recruiter is someone don’t want it in your inner circle, you shouldn’t be bringing them on board.

  6. You want your recruiter to be fearless. They must talk to candidates all day and It is not easy getting into companies to speak to someone. If they are not fearless you do not want them as a recruiter.

Recruiter’s fees can be very expensive so look at all your options before paying huge fees.  If you do go that route, make sure they are really recruiting and not just throwing resumes at you, this should help you in your choice.