Having Trouble Finding Talent?  What Are Others Doing?


As you can see, the biggest category with 54% is mining current employees by providing additional training and development.  This makes sense since we say people often hire for skills and fire for attitude.  If you have someone working for you that is smart and has the right attitude, why not train them in a new position that will elevate them and keep them in the family?

The second largest strategy (36%) is adjusting the education or experience requirements for a position. This is very similar to providing additional training. What you are going to need to do with these people Is more training.

Some creative things that people are doing include recruiting from outside the traditional talent pool at 33%, exploring alternative work models at 30%, offering flexible or remote work at 23% and outsourcing at 16%.  All these reflect both the changes in how people are hired and the environment in which they want to work. Making these changes Is a little more difficult but in the long run might provide you with the long-term ability to hire and retain talent.

Two of the things Employers are doing to overcome shortages, offering higher salaries, 29%, and offering additional perks and benefits, 32%, simply entail throwing money at the problem. While this may work in the short term, as labor shortages continue this bidding war will not end well.

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