What Are You Doing to Keep Your New Employees?


In a tight job market with unemployment under 4%, there are ample opportunities for employees to jump ship and look for another job that might offer better perks or salary.

Approximately 40 percent of employees who quit in 2017 did so within 12 months of being hired, according to a study based on data from over 34,000 exit interviews analyzed by Work Institute, a workplace research and consulting firm in Franklin, Tenn. Many workers who departed in their first year left quickly—within the first 90 days.

The fact that nearly one-fourth of employees left within their first year seems to indicate that employers are:

  • either not communicating the details of the job, the schedule and the pay, or

  • so desperate to hire workers that they are not hiring employees who are a good fit for the job or

  • bringing on perfect employees but not onboarding them properly

To keep employees, you should work on work making them feel part of the team, on job flexibility, career pathing and learning opportunities. It is crucial to an organization’s retention efforts to be providing these and to customize them based on the job type.

Using an onboarding tool can help you make sure nothing is missed either in the compliance portion of a new employee and set up a year-long process that includes integrating them into the company, providing the needed mentoring and training to advance. Some on-boarding tips or if you want a demo of our services, give us a call. If you want to find great candidates and use tools to ensure they are a great fit, look at our hiring process.