5 Reasons to Pay for Recruitment Ads


Filling an opening in your business can be a daunting, not to mention expensive, task. A 2018 study by The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) puts the average cost of hiring an employee at $4,129, with an average time of 42 days to fill the position. Factoring in the time you (or your HR department) spend discussing the position and its requirements, crafting the job ad, posting the ad across various outlets, screening applications and interviewing candidates, it is a huge undertaking. And you may not even hire at the end of the process, leading you to do it all again. With this in mind, getting a little help in the form of paid recruitment ads can give you the edge you need to make sure you get the best possible pool of candidates (so you only have to do this once!)

Here’s our top 5 reasons to use paid recruitment ads:

1.       Recruit beyond the usual pool of candidates
The current hiring climate is tough. There simply aren’t enough employees in the market. 86% of the most qualified candidates are already employed, but that doesn’t mean they’re not open to new opportunities, if you attract their attention.

 2.       Rise above the noise
With so few qualified candidates out there, it makes sense that 76% of companies report not finding enough applicants to fill open positions. A paid ad can help you stand out from the rest.

 3.       Streamline the process
Target job boards by geography, industry, colleges, and so on, ensuring the most qualified candidates for the position.

 4.       Beat the competition
With only 34% of your competition using paid job boards, you can get the exposure you need over the rest.

 5.       Save time AND money
63% of advertising money spent on recruitment is wasted on cross-publication. Paying for professional recruitment ads eliminates this, which means all your advertising dollars are spent getting the ad the most exposure possible.

If you want your next hiring experience to be successful and painless without wasting time and money, use the JobFiller™ service. Leveraging best-in-class organic advertising platforms such as Glassdoor and Oodle, JobFiller™ utilizes real-time and predictive job-level recruiting performance, moving your ad in and out of 1000s of paid and unpaid sites ranging from the heavy-hitters like Monster and Careerbuilder, to smaller, niche advertising sites selected specifically for your job. JobFiller™ also scours the internet to locate and market to potential applicants, getting your ad in front of qualified people who may not otherwise see it.