Outside-The-Box Ideas for Finding Talent


In this economy you need to use creative ways to hire talent. Here are a few I like:

  1. Make them feel what they are doing can make a difference. Lure young workers by giving them an incentive such as 10% of time off to do community work of their choice.

  2. Embrace neurodiversity. Those on the spectrum tend to be highly focused, intelligent and loyal employees. Think The Big Bang Theory.

  3. Buy another company that has the talent you need and make sure your culture welcomes and on-boards new employees in such a way they want to stay.

  4. Go to schools to look for early talent. Bring them on as interns to check them out, make them feel your business is a good place to work.

  5. Pay more or get generous or creative with benefits.

  6. Hire Veterans. Use sites like MilitaryHire

  7. Use more automation to make jobs more appealing.

Lastly, make sure your hiring practices engage people, communicate quickly and sell your job.