Our Top 5 Tips For Hiring The Right Employee


 With so much competition out there, and so few qualified applicants, hiring is tough! It’s also an expensive and time-consuming task, but one that is essential to the long-term success of your business. The right employee can be your business’s secret weapon, contributing expertise, ideas and skills that set your business firmly on the right path. The wrong employee, however, can be disastrous. A bad hire can cost you money, reputation, and the morale of the rest of your staff, to name but a few potential consequences. It also means you’ll have to start the recruitment process all over again, costing you more time and money. As it’s clear a lot rides on hiring successfully, here are our guidelines on getting it right first time: 

Effective Job Ads Should Sell the Job!

A killer job title is essential as this is the first thing candidates see and decides whether they keep reading. Make it sound interesting! It’s important to remember that Job Ads are NOT Job Descriptions, they are marketing material, so market to get the most applicants. Sell the job! Make sure you also include the basics such as what will they learn, who they will serve, good culture, pay and benefits. Take this opportunity to tell your company story; capture their interest in you and your business by including info on your years in business, any interesting clients or projects you have, exciting equipment, awards and accolades you have won, major achievements, and the work culture in your company.

 Use an Applicant Tracking System
An applicant tracking system is a must. It organizes and streamlines the hiring process, keeping you in control. A tracking system connects directly to social media platforms and has attractive features such as allowing applications directly through LinkedIn. It’s also mobile friendly, which is essential when you consider that 40% of applicants are applying via iPhone.  The applicant tracking system directs all applicants to apply through the same, engaging application process, and provides you with a user-friendly database to view, search and sort all your applicants. Don’t forget to make use of the multiple user function, allowing all your Hiring Managers or partners to view applications and make notes.

Placement of Ads in the Right Place
Getting the ad in front of the right candidates determines the outcome of your search. Use organic Job Boards alongside a Programmatic tool like JobFiller®, which uses predictive and real-time job-level recruiting performance. By moving your Job Ad in and out of 10,000 places, including Sponsored Indeed, Monster, ZipRecruiter and CareerBuilder, the ad gets the best possible exposure. Additionally, the tool scrubs the internet to find potential applicants and follows them while they are browsing.

 Use Custom Questions and Scoring to Narrow Applicants
Asking questions specific to the job helps sort the qualified from the unqualified. Weight each of the applicants' answers so when you get tons of candidates, you can quickly see who might be the best fit for the position and review them first so the good ones don't get away.

Narrow the Pool with Applicant Screening
There are a selection of assessments available to further narrow down your pool of candidates, helping you zero in on the people most likely to succeed in the position. Do intelligence testing focused on how quickly they can learn. Benchmark the job to get the best interview questions. Use Talent Assessments and compare to the Benchmark. Finally, hard skills testing will validate claims the candidates resume.

Start hiring the most efficient way possible with more and better choices, more control, more process and less cost. Contact us for more information on our proprietary JOBFILLER system.