The Proven Benefits of HR Assessments (For Existing Employees)

HR assessments are an excellent tool for screening potential employees and evaluating existing employees.  With them, you can analyze skills, knowledge, and behaviors. When implemented at an early stage of the interview process, they can help identify the candidates that are qualified for a face-to-face meeting, which helps streamline the hiring process for both companies and jobseekers. When given to current employees, they are an efficient way to ascertain the effectiveness of existing employees, management, practices, etc.

Giving the assessments to prospective employees pinpoints whether they are worth further follow-up.  An HR assessment indicates whether an individual will be a good fit for the company; if the answer is no, this saves the company time and money that might otherwise be spent pursuing an incompatible candidate.

Targeting what areas need improvement, what policies need to be better explained or implemented, allows you to strategize accordingly. Once you have this information, you can implement protocols to address the different needs of your employees and business.

The most straightforward way to share this information is to create an HR handbook, which ideally contains not only your company’s policies, but state and federal guidelines. This gives everyone a manual to which to refer, ensuring that there should be no confusion as to the different regulations.

Andrew Jacobs