A Money Saving Employee Recruiting Option

The trend of recruiting more with less resources is becoming standard.  Per LinkedIn’s 2017 Global Recruiting Trends, 68 percent of those surveyed predicted there would be no increase in their recruiting team in 2018. Another poll found that 72 percent of survey respondents had increased hiring volumes so far in 2018 while resources remained the same.

 Adding to the strained environment is the complexity of the low unemployment rate making it more difficult to find good people.  With Recruiter fees running between 15 and 25 percent of the candidate’s first year annual earnings, there must be a better way.

 Enter the shared HR Consultant Recruiting model.  Rather than paying a Recruiter a percentage, you hire them on a fractional or shared model and you get a high level proven recruiter working  for you for 1 or 2 days per week only as long as you need them either to augment your staff or to take the burden off the C level executive who is having to do the recruiting.  

 These experienced HR Consultant recruiters know all the ways  to get you the best candidates. They are using the latest tools, and are working for you for a dedicated numbers of hours per month which is much cheaper than paying the 15 to 25 percent that a Recruiter charges.  Companies that provide this service such as SevenStar HR usually have multiple pricing models based on the salary level of the job and how quickly you need the hire.  

Shared Recruiting is definitely a option you should check out if your hiring department is stretched or you have no staff to provide the services.  It has been proven to get you better candidates, save you time to hire and cost you less


Andrew Jacobs